Friday, 20 November 2009

Market Bosworth

0 Locks, 3.68 miles. Now moored at Market Bosworth.

We felt quite lucky after seeing all the flooding in Cumbria and Lancashire on TV as we had only received showers and strong wind. Seeing the flooding in Todmorden where we had visited recently was a real shock because that town had been devastated by flooding as recently as 2000 and even while we were there heavy rain quickly turned the local stream into a torrent.

This morning the conditions had mildly improved so we decided to cruise up to Market Bosworth. It was a three fold decision as we had to find a Post Office to send off a Birthday card, get a few essentials and do some more never ending washing.

IMG_4415Market Bosworth Market Square

As we passed Nb Pickles we found Pete at home so pulled in alongside for a quick chat. Even though BW are dredging the canal, this spot near Shenton has not been touched so we still cannot moor there due to insufficient depth. It transpires that the dredging is being done to raise the bank on the towpath side, not to deepen the actual navigation channel, so the dredging is a hit and miss, still shouldn’t complain, any dredging is better than none.

2027 locks, 3968.29 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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