Sunday, 15 November 2009


Yesterday afternoon we received a phone call enquiring if we were home, it was John and Elizabeth who were out walking for some exercise and were close by so we invited them around for coffee. A very pleasant afternoon ensued catching up on the last 9 months.

Last evening we had plans to catch the bus to Nuneaton to meet Tracey off the Euston to Liverpool train. Due to the inclement weather John very kindly offered to take us by car and en route we called into ASDA for some groceries as we were going to be feeding an extra mouth for the week-end.

Today I spent time down the engine hole adjusting the fan belts as we don’t seem to be charging the batteries as well as we have been. This hasn’t remedied the problem so I will have to check the output of the alternators which means either an alternator is on it’s way out or the Battery Management unit needs attention. If it is the latter it will probably be just as cheap to buy a new one than fix the old one. Both the alternator and the BMU are 3 years old so they may be getting passed their use by date. I will ring Sterling Electronics on Monday for their advice.

While I was doing this Dot and Tracey took themselves into Hinckley and Nuneaton for a spot of retail therapy.

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