Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Rare Sighting!

0 Locks, 7.5 Miles. Now moored at Hillmorton.

Today we made the final run into Rugby stopping off at Clifton Cruisers for a new gas tank and pick up our mail. Just out of Newbold we spotted a Heron which from a distance looked white which we just put it down to the way the sun was glinting on it’s feathers. When we got closer we were surprised to find it actually was a White Heron.

Oxford Canal 025 White Heron at Newbold, Oxford Canal.

At All Oaks Wood contractors are busy repairing half a mile of towpath which has been long overdue for repair. Placing sandbags along the top of the original wall they are now able to build the towpath up to it’s original level. It will probably become quite popular with walkers in the summertime as there are always cars in the nearby car park.

Oxford Canal 018 Contractors at All Oak Wood Repairing the towpath for half a mile.

Oxford Canal 019

Passing through Newbold and Brownsover we found the moorings to be full so we hope that this situation changes in the not to distant future otherwise we may have to rethink our plans for the next few weeks. As we are boat sitting for Derek and Carrie at Christmas we want a mooring close to where they can get their rental car. After calling in at Clifton Cruisers we carried onto Hillmorton where we watered up, winded below the locks and cruised back half a mile to a mooring. Now the temperatures`are dropping we need to keep the water tank full in case we get frozen in as we did last winter.

Oxford Canal 030 A bit of unscheduled demolition at bridge 66, Oxford Canal.

2028 locks, 4015.11 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Les Biggs said...

WOW that was a lucky sighting of the Heron.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Les
Yes we couldn't believe our eyes but unfortunately the photo doesnt do it justice.

Jenny said...

What a beautiful bird, lucky you had the camera at the ready!! But then, you always do, don't you, never know when the next exciting snapshot will come into view.