Friday, 6 November 2009

We’ve been booked for a gig!!

2 Locks, 5.15 Miles. Now moored above lock 10 Atherstone locks.

It was a case of will we or won’t we move this morning with the threat of rain. The sun broke through for a short while so we decided to move. We hadn’t been on the go for long when the rain clouds came back and the rain arrived. Half an hour later it was all over and we completed our cruise relatively dry.

Fazeley Junction 007 Pooley Hall Coventry Canal.

Having travelled this section of canal several times before there was nothing new except a new Narrowcraft built boat that was moored behind us last night. On the market at £69k it had a reverse layout with the lounge at the rear followed by an open plan Pullman dinette and kitchen making the whole rear half of the boat quite open and airy. The kitchen lead onto the separate bathroom and separate bedroom. The bed base was a conventional front – rear bed but appeared to have a fold up side making the bed wider.  I was quite impressed by the layout.

Fazeley Junction 008 British Waterways answer to towpath and hedge trimming?

Not long after we had moored up we had a phone call from a gentleman with a broad Liverpudlian accent (A Scoucer). He was ringing up to confirm Gypsy Rover’s gig for Saturday night. I couldn’t work out whether he was from the Rocket agency or the gig was at the Rocket club. I then had to politely inform him that (A) we were nowhere near Liverpool, and (B) the Gypsy Rover he had called was a narrow boat not a rock band. How on earth he had got our phone number is a complete mystery. Bit of a laugh, Eh!

2027 locks, 3926.62 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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