Saturday, 12 December 2009

Another Plaudit for British Waterways

On our travels down from Hawkesbury Junction a couple of weeks ago we were concerned about the condition of bridge 15 on the Oxford Canal as we don’t recall seeing it in such a sorry state. There was also the case of a tree down across the towpath near bridge 19 which although not impeding navigation would require attention. An email was duly sent off to BW thinking that is the last we would hear of the matter.

Shock horror, 3 days ago we received a email from Robert Drinkwater in the Milton Keynes office to say that BW were monitoring the bridge on a monthly basis but the bridge is privately owned and therefore not BW’s responsibility. They are in negotiations with the owner over the bridges condition and usage which the owner can choose to implement or ignore to everybody’s detriment.

So if you happen to pass under this bridge near Ansty make sure there is nothing large and heavy about to cross it before passing through the bridge hole.

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