Sunday, 13 December 2009

Wouldn’t you just know it.

Today Dot went into Rugby while I got stuck in with laying more floor tiles. It was a beautiful day with the sun streaming in through the windows keeping the boat warm so I was blissfully unaware of any problems. Not long after Dot returned she complained about the temperature in the boat. By this time the sun had disappeared so I assumed that was the reason for the temperature drop. However upon checking the status of the Mikuni central heating unit it was showing a malfunction. DAMN.

A trip down the engine hole where I changed the glow plug, refitted an electrical connection that didn’t look too healthy, checked all the fuses all to no avail. Pondering our predicament over a cuppa I had the thought that it could be the fuel because the unit was making the initial start up OK but cutting out when it kicked into full power mode. A phone call to Rose Narrowboats more or less confirmed my suspicions and some hints on what to look for were forthcoming, but by this time it was too dark and cold to be outside so it will have to wait until the morning. We are now looking at the possibility of a blocked filter in the fuel pump or the pump has died. Watch this space.

In the meantime we are running the engine for as long as possible to be able to use the electric heater after that it’s going to be a case of wrapping up warm or going to bed early. 

One bonus to today’s events was the sighting of several Redwings feasting on the berries on the Hawthorn bushes opposite our boat. Looking very similar to a Thrush they have different facial markings and the red under their wings hence the name. Our bird guide tells us they they migrate here from Northern European breeding grounds and winter over here until early spring.

Stacey to win X Factor this week-end. Go girl go.

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