Thursday, 10 December 2009

What a waste of money.

Oxford Canal 032 Gosty Hill's mascot “Bosun”  at Brownsover Park, Rugby last week. Note Nb Rock and Roll in the background unfortunately we didn't have too long to talk to Carol and George due to Dot’s imminent departure for London, maybe next time.

Well that’s us all up to date with Doctors check up’s, annual blood tests and bi-annual eye sight tests. The latter of course means new lenses all round as our eyes are not what they used to be but they are healthy which is a small blessing of a kind. Once we get Christmas done and dusted and we can see how the weather is looking to pan out we can start thinking about getting back into cruising mode.

Now earlier in the year we made a comment about a new water point being installed at Newbold apparently due to a disagreement with the pub owner from where the current supply is connected. When we left Newbold to start our 2009 cruise the new water point was just awaiting a tap and a lock and it would be up and running. Upon returning to Newbold we were surprised to find that the new water point has disappeared and the old one is still in use but it does have 2 taps fitted on the outside allowing 2 boats to use the facility simultaneously.

The non existent tap would have cost thousands to install because it involved a 300 yard trench to be dug, a new connection from the water main in the road and the relative bits and pieces on the towpath, all for what? NOTHING. I don’t know who paid for it all, BW or the water supply company but what a waste of money. We found that one reason for the change could possibly be the the Barley Mow pub has recently changed hands and is under new ownership.


Les Biggs said...

Hi D&D
This all goes back almost 2 yrs when John & Tina in the pub discovered that the old waterpoint was going through the pub water meter.
A new pipe was run from the road up side of car park to that box. I can only guess as not had an update from J&T that the box contains a meter and it has now been connected via the towpath to the old water point.

Derek and Dot said...

Thanks for that Les it answers the question about why but monies were still wasted in my opinion.