Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Gremlin in the works

3 Locks, 11.55 Miles. Now moored below bottom lock Braunston.

Try as I might over the week-end the Mikuni central heating unit just wouldn’t play ball. The Fuel pump was working but I did find a bit of muck in the filter. I did get it running but only with huge plumes of white smoke. Phone calls to Mikuni Heating for advice and 2 phone calls to marine engineers to find somebody familiar with this particular unit left us no option but to head for Braunston. We stopped off at Brownsover for water and a quick trip to Tesco’s, and a quick stop over at Clifton Cruisers for mail.

We were amazed at the amount of boats on the move today considering the miserable conditions.We actually made good time and reached Braunston about 3pm. Justin from J G Marine arrived back from an emergency call out not long after we had breasted up against a new boat outside his workshop. Nicely timed.

Justin ran the unit to see what was taking place and then set to pulling the unit to pieces. He eventually emerged from under the deck saying that other than 1 too many insulating washers on the glow plug everything appeared fine. The proof would come in a test run. We started the unit up and it eventually kicked into life with a huge white cloud of smoke which is what happened to me at Newbold. Justin recommended that we just leave the unit running and see what happens. It took over half an hour before the white smoke stopped bellowing from the exhaust at which stage we put it through it’s paces to ensure it was cycling properly. Bingo! Everything worked properly.

We came to the conclusion that if I had left the unit running for longer when I got it started at Newbold on Saturday it would have come right. The reason I stopped it was because we were moored by some houses and the smoke was drifting across to them and I didn’t want any irate neighbours. As for the extra insulating washer, that’s what was supplied with the new glow plug so I just fitted it. Still, I can’t complain because Justin only charged a pittance. Due to the late hour and the fact that it was getting dark it was agreed that we stay put for the night and Justin could check in the morning to ensure we experience no further problems overnight. I don’t know if it just imagination but Dot and I both seem to think that the radiators are hotter than they have ever been. See what I mean about Gremlins!

2031 locks, 4031.97 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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