Friday, 11 December 2009

Well Done British Waterways!

0 Locks, 2 Miles. Now moored at Newbold.

Would you believe that at the weekend we relicensed online with British Waterways as our licence expires at the end of the month.  As it would go to our mailing address in London we thought that we had better give them the 15 days that BW say it takes to relicense, this would ensure that hopefully we would have our new licence prior to Christmas.  Well this morning Tracey rang to say our licence had arrived in the mail this morning.  How about that?

First of all thanks to Les on Nb Valerie for putting us straight over the mysterious happenings at the Newbold water point. It transpires that the new water main wasn’t entirely a waste of time because they extended it along the towpath to the existing water point and changed the connections over cutting off the main from the pub. Simple really when you think about it.

It was such a lovely day for a cruise we couldn’t say no. It was a case of multi tasking with charging the batteries, doing a load of washing, getting a pump out and topping up the diesel. The latter 2 were done at Lime Farm Marina which is a port of call we have not used previously but will do in future.  We then returned to Newbold and are now moored where we were previously. (just facing in the opposite direction).

It was a bit embarrassing regarding the diesel because I had over estimated the usage thinking that we could probably take on approx 30 litre’s. Instead we only managed to squeeze in 13 litre’s. The Mikuni central heating unit has obviously not been working as hard as I had imagined therefore less consumption, still that can’t be a bad thing. Mind you there are frosts forecast for the next few days so that could push the consumption up.

While in the office at Lime Farm Marina I noticed that they had a brochure from the Australian Canal Society. It transpired that one of their regular moorings is let to a member of the A.C.S. and Lime Farm were proposing to advertise their 2 berth hire boat in the A.C.S. magazine. Makes sense really because it is difficult to get enough people together from that side of the world to say hire a 4 or 6 berth boat. It is a nice looking boat as well.

2028 locks, 4020.42 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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