Thursday, 1 July 2010

Boat’s Sold.We’re Homeless!

0 Locks, 3.81 Miles. Now moored at Newbold.

Another phase of our nomadic lifestyle is coming to an end with the sale of Gypsy Rover. Ironically there will still be a similarity in the new owners with Ray and Diane originating from Australia and Watford whereas Dot and I come from New Zealand and Watford.There are other similarities which are so uncanny that it seems like a case of “It’s meant to be.” We hope that Ray and Diane have as many happy hours aboard Gypsy Rover as we have had. So after the 23rd July you will see Ray at the helm, so give him a friendly wave and smile as you pass.

Until our motorhome is available in November/December we are temporarily homeless so we are available for house,boat or caravan sitting. Any offers or idea’s out there?

2233 locks, 4322.78 miles, 94 tunnels, 131 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006


BigJohn said...

Sounds like a good result, but we are sorry to think we won't be seeing you aboard GR. Hopefully there will be a chance to meet up before you leave these shores, so please keep the/a blog going in the meanwhile.
You could offer yourselves as experienced crew. We have crew booked on and off in the immediate future tho!

nblazydays said...

It will be sad to see you go, and we never got a chance to meet up with you.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi John
Now thats a thought, we'll still be around for another twelve months and will keep the blog going.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Alan
Things happened so much faster than we ever thought possible, we expected to be on the market for months. Now its panic time but we will still be in the country for another 12 months and will keep an eye on everyones wherabouts.

Linda said...

SO sorry I won't see you again - think we last met at Wicken Fen when you greased my swan neck base (I am still not that technical!!). I look forward to reading your blog while you are still over here - good luck with finding temporary accommodation. Linda, Kanbedun Again

Northern Pride said...

HI Derek and Dot
Congratluations on selling the boat, hope we have the same luck later in the year!
Not sure if we'll get to see you now, we'll be heading towards Oxford shortly.
Good luck with your future travels.
Sandra & Barry

Tom and Jan said...

Well done D&D. Have you considered googling house sitting jobs. Example:
Look forward to reading about your next adventure.
Tom & Jan

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Linda and Tom and Jan
These things are meant to try us, we have loved the canals and our time on Gypsy Rover, we didnt expect it to end so soon.
We will be here for some time yet (if we find a temporary home)

nb piston broke said...

Well thats really good news for you all though it will mean a bit of up heaval for you. Hopefully we will be able to see you again before you leave the boat. Where abouts will you be handing it over. Keep in touch, lynne and Paul

Carol said...

Hi there, mixed emotions from Rock n Roll, glad you've managed to sell GR, but sorry that we wont be seeing you on the canals again. Hope that you sort out your accommodation soon. Good Luck to you both - stay well and happy and keep up the blog so that contact is not completely lost.
very best regards
Carol and George

Sue said...

All change on the life-style front. Best wished for the future.

Derek and Dot said...

Lynne, Paul and Sue
This happened much sooner than expected but we'll have to go with the flow. Life is full of surprises.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carol and George,
We will be keeping an eye on you all, yo'll never know when we might turn up, thanks for the kind words.

paul said...

Congrats on selling GR. Been following the blog for 4 years it will be sad to see it finish. Enjoy the motorhome.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Paul
Thanks for that, the blog will continue with our travels, all is not over yet!

Nb Yarwood said...

Best wishes to you both for your next adventure - do look in on us ditch crawlers from time to time though won't you?
Lesley and Joe

Unknown said...

Well done guys,
hope everything goes well.

Derek and Dot said...

To Leslie, Joe, Jill and Graham,
Thanks for the comments, you may see us sooner than you think?