Friday, 16 July 2010

What happened to Summer?

When we arrived here on Saturday a Ford Mondeo car appeared in the adjacent car park overnight. After it had been here for a day and a half I went and had a look at it and found the road tax was expired. After a phone call to the police to ensure they had no interest in it they told me that it was a council problem and they would pass the information on.

Brownsover 006Council official overseeing removal of an unlicenced abandoned car at Brownsover.

Yesterday a council employee along with a tow truck came and removed the car before the local idiots decided to trash it or even burn it. With school holidays pending that was a distinct possibility.

Brownsover 008 

Well the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worst with heavy rain and several thunder storm’s in the last 36 hour’s.

Brownsover 009 Away to the council yard and probably the crusher if nobody claims it.

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