Friday, 30 July 2010

Settling in.

Bit by bit we are slowly getting ourselves sorted out. After doing a load of washing and the washing finishing up dirtier than it was previously necessitated a thorough inspection of the washing machine. It turned out that the filter was blocked and the machine was badly caked with lime scale and detergent. Two hot washes with Calgon and no clothing seems to have improved the situation but we will have to check the filter regularly.

After unsuccessfully scouring the Op shops for a table and chairs we finished up buying one on line for £71 from Argos which was delivered today. Much to Dot’s surprise I did read the assembly instructions before assembling the table and 2 chairs. As the chairs are just a hard wooden seat we found Lidl had some tie on cushions on special so we walked around to the local store and purchased a pair of brown cushions which  work a treat.


Amy said...

Enjoy the next stage of your adventure, Derek and Dot! We think we saw Gypsy Rover today near Gayton - we wanted to shout out, but realised that the new owners would have no idea who we were. The chap at the tiller waved though. xx

James and Amy NB Lucky Duck

Derek and Dot said...

Hi James and Amy

Yes it would have been Ray on Gypsy Rover as he is heading south.Give us a call when you are heading through March again and we will pop down and say hello. Might catch up soon