Monday, 26 July 2010

A Trip to the Seaside.

Cromar 001 Cromer's mascot taken to the Soccer World Cup 2010 proudly displayed in the Blue Danube coffee lounge.

Since Friday we have been as busy as a hive full of bee’s. After collecting the rental car on Friday morning we did 2 return trip’s Rugby to March before calling it a day. We returned to Rugby on Saturday morning for the final load, it’s amazing how much stuff we had gathered over three and a half years. We were very lucky with the rental car as we had booked a class “C” Economy car but were up graded by at least 3 grades to a small people mover as Enterprise Cars wanted it returned to Huntingdon where we wanted to drop the car off on Monday.

Cromar 003 Cromer's narrow streets above the sandy beaches.

As we had spent 2 days in the moving process we decided it would be nice to have a break and take a trip to the seaside before we handed the rental car back tomorrow. The closest option finished up to Cromer as we had visited Hunstanton previously. Despite the weather forecast we couldn’t have picked a better day, warm and sunny. We were lucky to find a park behind the church opposite the Blue Danube coffee lounge where we had Crab salad’s for lunch, Cromer being a crab fishing town, yum.

Cromar 005Cromer Pier.

After a walk along the promenade where we again witnessed the decline in the waterfront boarding houses all standing empty and forlorn. A visit to the seaside wouldn’t be complete without a walk along the pier where we inspected the latest RNLI Lifeboat launched in 2008. After this it was ice cream time before heading home back to March.

Cromar 022 What used to be busy  boarding houses above Cromer beach. Now most are empty and neglected.


Jenny and Robin said...

Ahh, lovely Cromer, we can proudly say that we have been there as well. Walked along the pier and had a visit to check out the lifeboat too. Unfortunately, it wasn't crab season when we visited so you are one up on us!
What a pity we didn't know about your planned trip, as we could have put you in touch with our Cromer friends, who would have loved to have met you, we are sure.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jennie and Robin
It was a spur of the moment decision to make the trip as we had the rental car, lovely place, more photos to come.