Monday, 5 July 2010

We’re No Longer Homeless!

This week-end has been spent trying to arrange some accommodation from the time we part company with Gypsy Rover  and the time we take delivery of our motorhome. The latter is due around November but apparently these delivery dates are only approximate and subject to change.

St Ives 001Our March apartment.

Well we can happily report that we now have a lovely fully furnished apartment in March, Cambridgeshire which is only 10 minutes walk from the town moorings so we won’t be completely cut off from our old water born lifestyle.

As we had stayed overnight at our new apartment, the landlord is a very obliging sort of fella, we carried on to St Ives where we knew narrowboat’s Matilda Rose and Caxton were moored. The plan was a BBQ but unfortunately the wind was too strong and the BBQ wouldn’t heat up so Jill and Lesley had to set to and cook up everything on the boats. All was not lost as we did manage to eat outside until the clouds started to accumulate and the temperature dropped.

St Ives 016Jill, Graham, Joe, and Lesley as well as canines Floyd and Fletcher from Nb's Caxton and Matilda Rose.

We would have loved to have stayed longer but we had a long drive ahead of us back to Rugby. We needed to be back aboard by about 7pm so that we could run the engine and top up the batteries which hadn't been charged since early Saturday morning. We needn’t have worried as the meter was still showing 12.4v but we ran the engine to heat up some water.

St Ives 017 Strange place for a duck to perch.


Carol said...

Hi Dot, Derek, glad to hear that you now have a 'fixed abode' for the period up to taking ownership of your motor home - the appartment looks very nice!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Carol
Yes it is lovely but I'm still not sure how I will cope being landlocked again.

Sue said...

Hi, good to see you have found an apartment so quickly.
Do you still intend to cruise southwards whilst you still have Gypsy Rover?

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sue
As we only have two weeks until the new owner takes over, unfortunately there will be no time. As we promised to continue with some of the painting and varnishing in the meantime.

Sue said...

Hi both,
Email sent re possibilities......