Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dog Fight’s

march 012Should I ask the bee what it is?

This morning was nothing less than rowdy. We knew that there is an Air Force base nearby and we had heard the noisy jet fighters in the past at high altitude. However this morning the pilot’s were practicing “dog fighting” at low levels, so low that they were clearly visible to the naked eye. As each plane pulled out of a steep dive and the power went on, the noise was horrendous as the jet engines were pointing straight down to earth. You not only heard the power, you could virtually feel it.

march 005 Italian market in March market place.

Over the week-end the population of March and surroundings were treated to an authentic Italian Market selling everything from wine to cheese and Pasta to Fudge. The stall doing the most trade was the cheese man but nothing tempted us to part with any cash.

march 004The cheese stall was the most popular but nothing to tempt us!


Unknown said...

I love narrowboats! We have a canal running through our small town up here in Yorkshire, and a narrowboat building yard (well, not yard but you know what I mean!) Sorry you have had to forfeit your narrowboat life

Maffi said...

You could ask the BEE what it is and he will tell you he is a HOVER FLY.

Derek Bird said...

It is a hoverfly and the flower is a Hibiscus

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Technogran
Yes narrowboats will always have a space in my heart but it was time to move on.

Hi Maffi and Derek
Thanks for the information, I did wonder if it was an hibiscus but didnt expect them to be growing so far north. I have only ever seen them in the tropics bedfore.

Jenny and Robin said...

Guess which stand that Derek is most interested in.