Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Green with Envy.

Today we caught the train out to Ely where we were met by Sandra and John Netherwood who did the upholstery on Gypsy Rover. We last saw them in 2004 when we launched Gypsy Rover. We were aware of their plan to sell the business and buy a Motorhome to travel the world. Unfortunately family commitments have put the dampers on their plans restricting their movements to France and Spain until now but they still hope to venture further afield.

march 029John and Sandra outside their 40ft Monaco motorhome

While in Ely we had a wander around while Sandra did some shopping. It was great to refresh our memories of what we had seen in 2008. After this we travelled out to where Sandra and John have their live aboard motorhome parked. When we arrived Dot and I were blown away with their Monaco 40ft luxury home on wheels and it’s accompanying car trailer. Being an American RV it was a left hand drive which would come in very handy for travelling throughout Europe.

march 028 John and Sandra's aerodynamic fibreglass car trailer which is towed behind the motorhome.

John gave us plenty of hints and tips on what we should expect once we get our motorhome and some information on legal aspects that we were unaware of. We had a brilliant day with John and Sandra and the day was over all too soon when they kindly drove us back to March.

Thanks guy’s and safe travelling.

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