Saturday, 21 August 2010

Withdrawal Symptoms!

This land based lifestyle is hard to get used to.  The cross stitch has come out again, we haven't done so much for a long time.  There was always something to do on Gypsy Rover and here time goes slowly. Well how do I describe them? The wonderful crew on Nb Caxton, Joe and Lesley will pick us up on Monday taking us for a cruise.  Yippee.


Jenny and Robin said...

That's very nice of your friends, to give you "narrow-boat" fix to keep you going. Enjoy yourselves and we want to know where you went and what you got up to.

Derek and Dot said...

Will do, camera at the ready

Amy said...

Hello! Sorry we missed you in March! Didn't want presume that you have the time or the inclination to see us, so we left it to you. But we'd already left by the time we got your message.

Hope you had a lovely trip with the Caxtons!

Amy and James