Thursday, 12 August 2010

Surprise phone call.

This morning I had a very interesting phone from a distant relative that I was unaware of. It transpires that Janet Canvin who lives in Cornwall,is 5 years younger than me and lived in Croxley Green not far from Watford.

This all came about when a friend of Janet’s found the Canvin Family Tree on the internet which has been researched by the late George and Phyl Barber. Phyl and her daughter are now carrying on the good work. However I digress,after searching the family tree there appears to be a link between Janet and myself through a certain George James Canvin. Janet then proceeded to Google our name and came up with our website hence the phone call.

Unfortunately the Family Tree website is down at present so I have not had a chance to research these facts for myself but you can bet I will shortly. Janet will be travelling up this way shortly for a holiday so she has promised to come and visit us, can’t wait, as there will be plenty to talk about.

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