Sunday, 24 October 2010


Well we hope that Andrew is happy now he has Granny Buttons close to hand once again. He should have some interesting photo’s shortly as the marina is having a huge bonfire on Guy Fawkes night. We noted that the marina appears to have quite an active social calendar. We will have to see if there is anything planned for Guy Fawkes night around here.

Back on Terra Firma we have now returned to our daily routines of walking and shopping. The first thing we noticed as we ventured into town was all the Xmas decorations and light’s are up. We are not sure when they get switched on but we have been told they usually get a celebrity to do the honours. We will have to venture out one night and take some photo’s when they do throw the switch.

With all this thought of Xmas we will have to decide what we are going to do as this year will be the first time we won’t have family around as Tracey is heading off to South Africa for a warmer Xmas. It could be Xmas dinner at a local hostelry for a change.

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