Tuesday, 26 October 2010

November happenings.

October has all but been and gone so we are looking forward to November. A visit to the Autotrail factory in Grimsby has been booked for the 25th so a rental car will be required. Trying to get there by public transport is damn near impossible in a short space of time. We have been told that our motorhome should be in the dealers yard by mid November but there might be the remotest chance that it will still be in Grimsby. We want to see how Autotrail build their vehicle’s for future reference with regard to repairs and maintenance once we get it to New Zealand.

A few days after this we are off to Cologne to visit the German Christmas Markets. This could be our last overseas trip from the UK. We have been told that the markets are really something special so are looking forward to the trip.


Northern Pride said...

I lived in Germany on the early 1980's and the xmas markets were amazing! Have fun.
Thanks for your best wishes, do come and see us in Gisborne if you're ever in our neighbourhood. Was great to meet you guys.
Sandra (& Barry)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Sandra and Barry
Great to meet you two, sorry you have to leave but hope the sale of the boat goes well.

Ka kite ano Dot and Derek