Monday, 11 October 2010

Re-arranging our schedule.

1.43 Miles, 0 Locks. Now moored at Newbold.

We are certainly having an Indian Summer with today being absolutely brilliant, no clouds and all sunshine, glorious.

We had sort of made some loose arrangements to take a bus into Coventry as Dot wants to go to IKEA for a computer lap tray which we had seen in use by John on Nb Epiphany. First up we were going to stay at Brownsover but that would mean a change of buses in Rugby. Then we opted to move up to Newbold where we could catch the Coventry bus with no changes. We have now moved up to Newbold but our plans have been altered once more.

Within an hour of mooring up we had questions such as “Is that the REAL Granny Buttons”? Or I must get a photo of Granny Buttons. Kev and Ann aboard Nb 4 Evermore went past with some jovial banter but as fellow bloggers they knew that it wasn’t Andrew aboard, just us ole Kiwi’s.

Alan and Frances on Nb Lazydays (fellow bloggers again) are at Hartshill travelling south to venture up the Ashby canal. They have sent us 2 messages to say they will be at Hawkesbury Junction tomorrow so we have now opted to travel up to Hawkesbury tomorrow to meet them and we will catch the bus there into Coventry later. Who said retirement was going to be easy?

Another surprise email came from New Zealand acquaintances, Charles and Annie Scoones who travelled the cut in Nb Water Gypsy as a hotel narrowboat. They sold Water Gipsy 2 years ago venturing off to the canals on the other side of the Channel. Like us Annie found the sale of Water Gipsy hard and is still missing the lifestyle. They tell us that they are currently re-furbishing a cruiser in preparation for further European cruises. We wish them safe travels and hope their new venture  satisfies their cravings.

A total of 28.40 Miles, and 24 Locks on Granny Buttons.

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