Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fly tipping and familiar territory.

9 Miles, 3 Locks. Now moored at Brownsover.

Last night we had a brilliant evening at The Plough pub up in the village. A bloggers get together where the food and drink were good and the company exceptional with plenty of chit chat and light hearted humour.

Granny Buttons NZ 098 Bloggers get together. N/b's Caxton, Matilda Rose, Wind Song, and ex Gypsy Rover. From the left Graham,Pip, Lesley, Joe, Derek, Roger and Jill. Dot was behind the camera as usual.

As we had a few things to do today we set off around 9am. First stop was the water point at Braunston Turn. The water point here is easier to use  than the one’s around Rugby.

It was a reasonable sort of day and there were plenty of hire boats on the move, probably taking short breaks over the week-end. Just below bridge 79 we found a couple of youths trying to pull something out of the canal. It turned out to be a large TV. When they finally retrieved it I suggested that they put in the hedgerow but when last seen they were carrying it away. Between bridges 78 and 79 we found no less than 5 TV’s bobbing around in the water, all old large cumbersome style models. We came to the conclusion that a TV service person must have stopped on bridge 78 which is a road bridge and deposited all his unrepairable rubbish in the canal. There was no way that anybody else would need to get rid of that many TV’s in one go. Shame on you who ever you are!

Granny Buttons NZ 099One of 5 TV's in the canal within 100 metres near Bridge 78, Oxford Canal.

Just after this we found a cow jogging along the towpath heading towards Braunston. We spoke to a farmer a little while later but he reckoned it wasn’t his. Anybody want a pet cow?

Granny Buttons NZ 100 I don't think so! They haven't even finished the earth works yet.

Passing up the Barby Straight we saw the earth works of the new proposed marina which according to the signs was supposed to be open this Autumn. I think that was wishful thinking on somebody’s part because it’s more likely to be Summer 2011. From the deck of Granny Buttons the earthworks looked very very deep and there are no signs of any pontoons yet unless they plan on using floating pontoons. Either way it doesn’t look to be a child friendly sort of place.

Granny Buttons NZ 104 Barby Marina. Looking at the earth works it's going to be a deep marina.

After working down through Hillmorton locks we moored up just past the water point and walked back to the Hillmorton boat yard where we knew we would find Nb Piston Broke after being stretched enough to fit a proper engine room. Paul was busy with a paint brush while Lynne was supervising the operation. Once completed it will look very good.

After lunch we moved on up to our present location of Brownsover to visit Tesco’s and possibly a trip into town in the next day or two. Passing by Clifton Cruisers, Paul was surprised to see us saying “I thought you had gone back to NZ?” We told him that they were stuck with us for at least another 9 months or so yet.

Remember the apple’s we picked yesterday? Well today we found some juicy blackberries to go with them so Blackberry and Apple Crumble for tea tonight. Can’t wait.

A total of 26.97 Miles, and 24 Locks on Granny Buttons.


nblazydays said...

We are just north of Nuneaton and intend to go up the Ashby but we will wait until you come by. Give us a shout if you see us.

Derek and Dot said...

Maybe this time we will finally meet up! Will keep our eyes open.