Thursday, 14 October 2010

Next stop Atherstone.

1 Lock, 11.15 Miles. Now moored above Atherstone top lock.

Granny Buttons NZ 132 Yoohoo anybody home?

A cool overcast morning again to start off. The weatherman predicting fine after lunch which turned out to be well after lunch and only for a short while. Ah well such is life. There wasn’t much in the way of boats on the move either, just a few private owners and half a dozen hire boats heading back to their bases.

The wild life was starting to get interesting with a pair of Jay’s with acorn’s in their beaks. Possibly making a winter stock pile of food? The other was a low flying Kestrel. What a beautiful graceful bird they are.

Granny Buttons NZ 150 What no telephone cables!

We passed a couple of boats who enquired about Andrew but we didn’t get either their or boat names, sorry about that. After mooring up next to the Cheese Boat where we bought a flavoured cheese (Brandy and Apricot) not yet tried. It was a walk into town for a couple of 19 Gales pies, what else when you’re in Atherstone? However these will last until tomorrow as we opted for Fish & Chips as there is a chippie close by. The order was 2 Haddock and Chips, it came out more like 2 Whales and chips, they were enormous. Needless to say the left over Blackberry and Apple crumble will have to wait until tomorrow.

The scenery here in Atherstone has changed with Rothens coal yard now closed by the top lock. They are operating from elsewhere but we did see their boats moored a couple of miles back on the non towpath side.

A total of 50.95 Miles, and 25 Locks on Granny Buttons.

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