Monday, 10 October 2011

Heading for Auckland.

Overnight the region had suffered a deluge of rain leaving quite a lot of surface flooding around the park area on which we were parked. Our first thoughts were that we were going to get bogged down but luckily the ground was still reasonably firm and we got off very easily. After a chat with the manager of the Goldfields Railway about long term parking later next year we set off for Auckland.

The journey was uneventful but once back out on SH1 we found that the road had changed quite considerably since the last time we travelled this route. The road now completely bypasses towns like Mercer and Pokeno and the notorious Bombay Hills. Sure there are still some hills but nothing like the old road.

We located the Tui Glen Domain with no problems and since our last visit found a lot of work had been carried out in what used to be a camp site. The old cabins are all boarded up but nicely painted and the grounds improved. The NZMCA site is actually what we thought was an old council yard within the grounds. Fully fenced and gated so quite secure but with all the tree’s around the site satellite reception is very limited. This is not an issue with us on this visit as we will be away visiting relatives most of the time but there is a curfew in that the park gates are locked at 9pm so we have to be back before then.

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