Friday, 21 October 2011

Sunny Otaki (Well not at the moment!)

Now parked at Bridge Lodge.

Time spent at Don and Sandra’s farmlet is always a pleasure. Among their many interests they have been raising calves and beef cattle for quite a few years. Now in retirement they are just running 20 head of cattle on their small holding. Instead of the time consuming business of raising month old calves to yearlings they are buying in yearlings, fattening them up until they are 2 year olds and then off to the meat works. Having worked on a farm at Hoon Hey Valley near Christchurch I love getting out in the country again.

IMG_4965Parked up together at Don and Sandra’s farmlet at Levin.

The last 2 days have been no exception. Don and I were out repairing an electric fence prior to shifting the cattle onto fresh pasture. Before that we had to round them up into the stock yard to cull out 6 animals ready for transportation to the meat works on Thursday morning. Here we had a problem in that one Simmental heifer goes ballistic when held in the yard causing all sorts of damage. We managed to segregate her and leave her out in the paddock until we had culled the others. The remainder were then put on the fresh pasture where the connecting gates were left open. Eventually the Simmental realised what had happened and came charging up the paddock onto the fresh pasture bellowing like mad. There is no way this animal will get to the meat works so arrangements have been made with the local Home Kill Butcher to come and shoot her in the paddock and take her away for processing. The safest method for all concerned.

IMG_4966Sandra keeps a beautiful garden up to a real professional standard.

After 2 days of bliss it was time to hit the road again. We weren’t going far; just down the road to Otaki where Caravan Club friends Eileen and Geoff live. They have set up power points so that any of the club can come and stay in comfort of their own caravans. As we had a Caravan Club rally in Otaki this long holiday week-end we were invited to stay the night so we didn’t have far to travel tomorrow.

IMG_4969The garden is a real credit to her. (where does she find the time?)


Unknown said...

Still living the Dream. Beautiful.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jill and Graham
Dreams are for living. :-)
Hope Jill you are a lot better now.