Saturday, 8 October 2011

This is the life.

Now safely parked at Omokoroa Domain  Boat Club Park

Omokoroa Domain.Omokoroa Domain.

We had a peaceful first night at the Castle European premises and after breakfast completed our inspection to ensure everything was operational and to see what gear had gone missing, (if any). It turned out that the rechargeable vacuum cleaner that came with the motorhome had vanished along with a sleeping bag and a duvet. May the perpetrator suffer a host of unmentionable nasty's.

Nice overnight stop off.

After morning tea with Paul and Diane it was time to take our leave and hit the open road. Paul had given us directions to 2 local facilities where we could spend a couple of days getting ourselves sorted out. We decided to try for the Omokoroa Domain which under NZMCA rules allows 3 motorhomes to stay for a maximum of 2 nights. Luck was on our side as the parking area was empty except for many 4x4’s with boat trailers for which the parking area is primarily designed.

Tauranga harbour with Mt Maunganui in the background.Tauranga harbour with Mt Maunganui in the background.

The view around us is of Tauranga Harbour  with many yachts anchored along the main channel across to Matakana Island. At this mornings low tide the main navigable channel became more obvious with huge mud flats exposed. At this end of the harbour the majority of it wouldn't’ be much more than 3 or 4 feet deep at high tide. During the afternoon we were joined by another motorhome and late last night another one joined us.

Tauranga harbour from the walkway around the bays. Abundant native bush.Tauranga Harbour from the walkway around the bays. Abundant native bush.

Beautiful Clivia in full bloom along the walkwayBeautiful Clivia in full bloom along the walkway

During the evening we went for a walk along the beach and came across the Gerald Crapp Memorial Park which was established by his ancestor the Reverend Joseph Gellibrand. The Rev came over from Tasmania in 1877 and started farming the peninsular along with family friend Elizabeth Winspear who changed her name to Gellibrand She later married Captain Arthur Algernon Crapp and had 5 sons and 3 daughters. The Captain eventually took over the running of “Omokoroa” and set about planting many exotic seeds that Joseph had collected over the years in his travels. In 1975 the youngest son (Gerald) of Elizabeth and Arthur gifted the land to the country for all to enjoy.


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