Sunday, 30 October 2011

Oh dear, what have we here?

After two rather damp days at the PWMC we moved on up the Valley to Trentham and the Army Golf Club site where we again permitted a two day stop over. This site wasn’t as good as the PWMC because it backs onto the Police Dog Breeding and Training centre and the noise of barking dogs ran from dawn until dusk with the occasional quiet spell. They not only train Police dogs but drug detection dogs as well so there are German Shepherd and Beagle’s in residence. The one good thing about staying here was hearing a Morepork (native Owl) both night’s calling  to attract a mate but without success in getting a response.


Our main objective while in Trentham was visiting Dot’s Father and a visit to our lock up to retrieve odd and ends for the motorhome so we will be fully self sufficient. Prior to our narrowboat adventure we used to have a caravan which was fully equipped and most of that gear had been stored away in the lock up for future use. Sorting through the bins we came across all sorts of things that we wondered why on earth did we save them in the first place. Last night we attended the fireworks display at Trentham Park with a great show which we found hard to photograph.

IMG_5006The photos don’t do the display justice.


The only sign of damage or deterioration was my Caravan Club rally ribbons. These had been stored along with Dot’s ribbons in the top of the writing bureau but I found mine in the bottom drawer some 2 feet below all chewed up by mice. We came to the conclusion that my Pheromones smelt better than Dot’s and that's why my ribbons got used to make a nest and not hers. After trimmed the chewed ribbons they now look pathetic as there is not much left.  Still if that’s all that got damaged we have not got much to complain about. The moral of the story here is to store everything in sealed plastic containers where vermin cannot access.  Despite rat bait being laid it did not deter the little fellows.

IMG_5019In the drawer side by side and Dot’s were completely untouched by mice.  How fair is that?

Sunday, we left the Golf Club and drove up to Totara Park to visit friends Robin and Jenny and after lunch went for a drive to a beautiful picnic spot above the Hutt River along Akatarawa road. Except for the odd car all we can hear are the birds and the solar panel is pumping out about 4amps so that’s good for the batteries.

IMG_5012Now what are these two cooking up?

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