Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Nearly sorted.

Having now moved back to the Petone Workingmans Club we ventured into Lower Hutt to try and finalise all those little chores that keep getting put on the back burner. Having now caught up with everything we can now turn our attention to other matters such as touring.

One chore which I had been putting off was getting into the electrical control panel to check all the settings. Having emailed Sargent Electrical, the manufacturers, for more information as they don’t have a NZ agent, I received back a detailed email. Having read the information a couple of times to get my head around the details it was time to have a go. While checking and altering any necessary settings I had to make a quick phone call to club mate Don  who is an Electrician just to confirm a point. What I found was that the English dealer had not checked the settings when replacing the control unit after modification and the settings were for 110amp hrs. instead of 220amp hrs. as we had an extra battery fitted and the solar panel had reverted back to smart charge (both sets of batteries) instead of leisure batteries only. Now these changes have been made we will have to see how the power supply works out, hopefully for the better. Boats or motorhomes the problems are just the same, electrical, toilets and gas supply, nothing changes.

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