Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Change of Profession.

As Dot’s sister Mary had flown in from Auckland on Monday a family get together had been arranged for Tuesday. As for me, I was dropped off at Robin and Jenny’s residence in Totara Park to give Robin a hand with some very long overdue house painting. It was a perfect day for it with just the right temperatures and not too much sun.

Derek in disguise - ready for paintingDerek in disguise - ready for painting

Over about 6 hours we had 2 walls underway with Etch Primer and undercoat but there is a lot more to go with a total of 5 coats per wall. An arrangement has now been made for us to go and stay there for a long week-end starting on Friday. The long range weather forecast is OK except for Sunday but hopefully, that day we may be able to work on the front wall under the overhanging eaves. Just depends on wind direction. Read Jenny’s blog about it here.

Robin hard at workRobin hard at work

Today has been lawn mowing day which took all of 4 hours but it’s looking good. Another trailer load of bark chip was organised this afternoon which we put straight on the driveway garden. There is still some work to be done along the driveway but it’s looking pretty good.

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