Sunday, 27 November 2011

Unusual Dwelling perhaps.

I am still keeping busy with gardening at Geoff and Eileens along with a few repairs and modifications to the motorhome. Geoff and I went out this morning for another trailer load of sheep manure to complete the raised vegetable garden. The farmer should be quite pleased with our efforts as we have cleared about a ⅓ of his shearing shed saving him some work.

While visiting Dot’s father I got to read the newspaper where I spotted an article about Wellington Airport’s Control Tower which it seems is the only one in the world that is on private property with it’s own residential address, not within the airport grounds. Plans are afoot to build a new control tower within the airport grounds which will be higher than the original. This is necessary due to the many changes that have been made both in the nearby vicinity and within the airport. There is some talk that the old tower could be put on the property market as a residential property or perhaps a building of interest. How about a museum/cafe?

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