Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gypsy Rover is named!

After a lovely break at Levin it was time to head south once more. Wednesday morning we set off after the morning rush hour with the first port of call being Geoff and Eileen’s at Otaki to drop off a couple of bags of well rotted sheep manure and some tomato plants. At Otaki I parked the motorhome in a rest area and travelled with Dot so as to be able to unload the manure (20kg bags) and plant the tomato’s.The quicker they were planted the quicker we get a crop.

IMG_5061Spotted in Wellington, not exactly my cup of tea!

The next stop was Upper Hutt where I went and got the sign writing on the motorhome completed and Dot visited her father who unfortunately was not having a good day. As we had appointments in Lower Hutt on Thursday we stayed overnight at the Petone Workingmans club making it easy time wise in the morning.

IMG_5030We now have a name!!


Once our appointments had been dealt with it was off over the Rimutaka hill road to the Wairarapa to attend a Caravan Club rally this coming week-end. A lot of work has been done on this road in the 5 years we have been in the UK and is still ongoing making the 13km trip over the hill more enjoyable. It will be great when it’s completed.

The earlybirds are here for the weekend combined rally.The early birds are here for the weekend combined rally.


Unknown said...

Trouble is with a name you can be shamed, but I don't think that will happen to you two.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi you two
You know us pretty well, no chance on that :-)