Monday, 7 November 2011

Country school life NZ style.

It was good to be back at Don and Sandra’s Farm where we always get a taste of country living. Monday morning and Don and I were off down to the barn to take a top link off a tractor that had ceased up. We gave it a good dose of WD40 (rust killer) and then applied some heat. Eventually we got some movement at one end and got it unscrewed enough to enable us to clean the threads. The other end wasn’t so easy but we finally succeeded when we got a huge spanner and a 3 foot long pipe to get some serious leverage into play. It was a case of brute force all the way to the end but after a good clean up and plenty of copper impregnated grease it went back together dead easy.

The afternoon saw me repairing the slats in the bed extension that had warped and come apart. This was due to the fact that they were only held together with 4 staples and little blobs of silicon which would hold much anyway. Removing the staples and the silicon I replaced it with PVA glue along the full length and 4 decent size screw’s which won’t fall apart in a hurry. I have repaired about 12 of the slats and still have 7 to do but they are in a better condition so they can wait for another day.

Sausage sizzle and Hamburgers at Koputaroa School Agricultural day.Sausage sizzle and Hamburgers at Koputaroa School Agricultural day.

This evening all four of us were down off to the Koputaroa School where we had been at the week-end with the NZMCA rally. Todays event was the school Agricultural Day (Lamb and Calf day).When we arrived judging had already started and all the animals were nicely presented. As well as this each class room held different competitions that the children had participated in, cooking, art, diorama’s in sand and much, much more. We didn’t agree with all the judges choices but the standard of the entries was high. On the lighter side there was a tombola, sausage sizzle, hamburgers and coffee. gumboot throwing and pony rides. With a school role of 170 there was a good crowd with many Grandparents in attendance. A lovely evening’s entertainment.

Calf judging at Koputaroa School Agricultural day.Calf judging.

The most unusual lamb in the Lamb judging at Koputaroa School Agricultural day.The most unusual lamb in the Lamb judging.

Prize giving after the calf judging at Koputaroa School Agricultural day.Prize giving after the calf judging.

How's this for a coffee machine.How's this for a coffee machine?

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