Friday, 11 November 2011

Clareville Cattle Market Day.

Today we got another taste of country living with the local stock market being held just across the paddock from where we are parked. From early morning trucks and trailers started to arrive with cattle, calves, sheep, lambs and a few piglets.

Sheep pens at the Clareville stock market.Sheep pens at the Clareville stock market.

Lambs for fattening or replacement Ewes.Lambs for fattening or replacement Ewes.

We all wandered across to have a look at what was arriving for the sale. Weaned lambs, piglets and calves ready for fattening, yearling bulls and heifers for replacement stock were among the 40 or so lots for auction. Bidding was brisk in most cases except for the bobby calves that still needed hand feeding.

Bobby calves looking for new homes.Bobby calves looking for new homes.

Porkers for fattening.Porkers for fattening.

Not much interest was shown in this section and one lucky lady was buying them at $2 –$5 each. She will have her work cut out to start with but in the long run will make a tidy little profit. The whole auction was over in a couple of hours but it was interesting to attend such an event.

Open air stock pens for the big annual stock sales.Open air stock pens for the big annual stock sales.

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