Thursday, 16 April 2015

Avocado Orchard!

Next seasons avocadosNext seasons avocados.
Arriving at Taupo in heavy rain we headed for our POP on the outskirts of Tauranga.  Lovely spot amongst the Avocado trees, unfortunately our motorhome was in the shadow of some very high hedges.  Two nights her and we encountered the same problem with the vehicle battery.
Parked amongst the avocadosParked amongst the avocados.
After Robin tried to jumpstart us with no avail it was call out the AA.  While the other two left for their campsite we sat and waited for help.  Due to a cold morning the AA were very busy and it was not until lunchtime that help arrived.  We started first pop with the AA help and then we headed back to Tauranga for a battery.
Lovely setting amongst the avocado treesLovely setting amongst the avocado trees.
Ouch $350 later we were on our way. Bowentown here we come.

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