Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Edgecumbe instead of Awakeri

Tristed steel at Edgecumbe Fonterra Plant.Twisted steel at Edgecumbe Fonterra Plant.
An earthquake measuring 6.3 on the Ricter scale hit Edgecumbe in the Bay of Plenty on 2 March 1987.  This photo shows the damage it did to this steel beam discovered during reconstruction of the Fonterra Edgecumbe Milk Treatment Plant.
Mount Edgecumbe in the distance.Mount Edgecumbe in the distance.
Our intention had been to go to a POP inAwakeri but Geoff being 5 minutes ahead of us drove up the drive to discover that there was no room for the 3 vehicles. We had rung the previous evening and assured there was plenty of room.  Yeah right.  No problem out came the trusty Travel Directory and we found the Edgecumbe Cosmopolitan Club only 6 kms away.  This is where we ended up.
Tucked in the corner of the carpark.Tucked in the corner of the carpark.

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