Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Kawerau, Tarawera Falls and Lake

Leaving Edgecumbe we headed for Kawerau which we knew was a motorhome friendly town.  What we didn't know was that there was a dog agility competition on for the weekend. The free power sites were gone and there were motorhomes and caravans all in the park. 

Talking to the staff at the swimming pool where there is parking available, we were advised not to stop there as they had been having trouble there lately with some persons at night time.  It was suggested that we may want to park behind the Kawerau Cosmopolitan Club, which we did. We had no trouble the two nights we were there, apart from the smell of sulphur.

IMG_9866The lovely colourings in Tarawera River.

Next morning after a quick visit to the local Laundromat we headed off with Robin and Jenny to Tarawera Falls. This is via a private road but one is able to get a permit from the i-site.

Beautiful colours in the Tarawera RiverBeautiful New Zealand bush alongside Tarawera River.

IMG_8904Tarawera Falls where the water comes out of a split in the rocks.

Shows the size of these volcanic roacksLook at the size of these volcanic rocks

IMG_9877Tarawera Falls

New Zealand BushLovely ferns up at the waterfall.

The next morning as we were about to head for Tauranga,  what did we have? but a vehicle that wouldn't start.  A problem due to a couple of days with no sun and freedom camping. Changing the solar panel to charge the vehicle battery only, we managed to get enough power to start after a short while in the sun.  No stopping now off to Tauranga.

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