Friday, 10 April 2015

Opoutama Beach and Freedom camping!

WairoaFirst stop Wairoa Domain.

Here we emptied and refilled the tanks before having lunch. Geoff, Jenny and Derek had all wandered over to the local bakery while Robin replaced his tyre that had a puncture.

We then headed off to Opoutama Beach where we planned to spend the night.

We three at Opoutama Beach freedom campingOpoutama Beach and freedom camping.

Robin and Jenny knew the location from years back when it was a motor camp.  Unfortunately it had been sold to a Developer who intended to put in an exclusive subdivision before the collapse of the business for a number of reasons.

Miles and miles or is it km's and km's?Looking along the beach .

Mahia Peninsular from the now disused railway.The Mahia Peninsular with wonderful cliffs in the background.

Mushrooms or toadstools?These toadstools look good enough to eat.


Walking through this deserted subdivision were some lovely Maori carvings and totem poles, such a shame to see these just sitting in the derelict area.

Totem pole at Opoutama.Maori totem pole amongst the undergrowth.

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