Saturday, 27 October 2007

100+ TV channels.

Still moored at Brentford.

This morning Dot went to the hairdressers and I went off to try and solve an electrical problem without success so its back to the drawing board.

After lunch it was back to the satellite dish which I have mounted on the cratch centre post. I have had to move the headlight and I will have to re-mount it slightly lower. We also had to drill a hole through the front bulk head to feed the coaxial cable through. With the use of my favourite piece of curtain wire we managed to feed the cable through first time up which was a great relief. My part of the job was the easiest. Dot took it upon herself to set up the whole system which had her climbing up one wall across the ceiling and down the other side. The main problem was that the satellite box was set in German and she couldn't work out how to change it to English.

Eventually after searching through some Internet sites she managed to sort it all and we are now in a dilemma as to which channel to watch.

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