Monday, 29 October 2007

Busy week-end.

Still moored at Brentford.

Saturday saw us catching a train to Wimbledon to see daughter Tracey to collect 2 parcels which Dot had ordered over the Internet. Recently she bought a pair of shoes from Cotton Traders and she found them so comfortable she bought 2 more pair. The other parcel was a 16 piece Corelle dinner set, we had got fed up with the Homebase stoneware set because it was so heavy and took up so much room in the cupboard. The only dis-appointment was that the Corelle mugs are no longer glass like the dishes but stoneware made in China ,not the USA where there rest of the stuff is made.

After we  had wined and dined at Tracey's favourite watering hole, the Walkabout in Wimbledon we went back to her flat so that I could put the battery back in her car. So that she could put some more power back into the battery she offered to drive us home.

Sunday was an early start for me to try and sort out the problem with the inverter losing power. When it was fitted we had a problem with the input cables as they are so thick they are hard to bend and the negative cable was not a snug fit. After studying the make up of the cupboard I worked out how I could remove the centre panel, cut a large hunk out of it and hopefully make it easier to get the cables into the rear of the inverter. Well it must be my lucky day because everything went to plan and the problem should now be fixed.

We have now been at Brentford our allowed 14 days so tomorrow we will head north in the morning, hopefully the rain will ease first.

797 locks, 1103.5 miles, 33 Tunnels, 39 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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