Saturday, 6 October 2007

No comparison.

11 locks, and 8 miles. Now moored at Sawbridgeworth on the Stort Navigation.

Last evening after the engine cooled down it was down the engine hole to service the engine once more. I also changed the air filter as well because the present filter had been in use for nearly 12 months and was starting to look like something out of a coal mine.

stort 009

Leaving the River Lea this morning and joining the River Stort was a big change as the 2 rivers are as different as chalk and cheese. This river is a lot narrower and twists and winds its way towards Bishop Stortford. For a start off the locks are wide locks BUT only 13 feet wide so you cannot get 2 narrowboats in simultaneously. Two of them are electrically operated but the gates are smaller and lighter than those on the Lea so locking is a lot easier.

stort 013

Its amazing what you see walking along the towpath, these  2 porkers seemed quite oblivious to our presence. These chickens seemed to be quite happy in their free range environment. The farmer can shift the hen houses when required as they are of lightweight construction.

stort 005

Along the way, yesterday and today, we were treated to some amazing flying by a couple of radio controlled model aircraft. Yesterdays model was a delta wing aerobatic model which the pilot put through its paces with stalls, barrel rolls, loop the loop and some high speed flying. The pilot was no novice that was for real. Today's model was something  slower along the line of a Cessna which flew very realistically to the real thing.

We stopped at Harlow lock for lunch but after talking to another couple we moved on to our present mooring which was recommended as being a delightful village. So far we have not been over awed by the place but we will investigate the place closer.

739 locks, 1035 miles, 29 Tunnels, 39 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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