Sunday, 7 October 2007

B----r they blew it

7 locks, and 8 miles. Now moored at Lock 4 on the Stort Navigation.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The mighty All Blacks, the hot favourites, have been ousted by the French. Sacre bleu! Enough said.

Today we did a run up to Bishop Stortford to the river head waters where we stopped for short while to pick up supplies. The town is under going a major rebuild with a mall and apartment buildings being built around the city basin. We had been told by many people not to stay over night and from what we saw we were convinced with local youths using the BW facilities as a meeting place. Especially when a couple of them took an unhealthy interest in the value of the boat.

stort2 002

End of the line - Bishop Stortford on The Stort Navigation

As we are on a bit of a time schedule we headed back down river to our present mooring which is rural  but a bit noisy as we are under the flight path into Stanstead airport. At least there is a noise curfew so the planes don't go all night.

I had my usual fishing session which up until now has been totally hopeless having not caught a single fish on the river Lea or Stort. This afternoon my duck was broken with a small Jack Pike.

746 locks, 1043 miles, 29 Tunnels, 39 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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