Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Just a few piccies.

Still moored at Brentford.

As nothing much has been happening around here in the last 2 days I thought I would post these shots of the roll up bridge in the Paddington Basin. As I mentioned once before the bridge doesn’t actually serve any great purpose because you can just as easily walk around the small basin which I don’t think has ever had a boat moored in it.

The bridge was being operated so that the underside of the wooden decking could be inspected. For all it’s uselessness I must admit the design is clever.






Dot has finally had enough of the inner spring mattress on our bed, it is only 4 years old and hasn’t had that much use but it’s falling apart. I don’t know who Heron’s supplier was but it must have been a real El Cheapo job. She has ordered a new Ortho 200 with 6” reflex foam and 2”memory foam mattress from Trusleep who make to measure and deliver within 48 hours. This mattress is supposed to be good for people with back problems. We shall see but it does come with 10 year guarantee. We have notified the office lady in the BW office what we have organised just in case the courier tries to deliver the mattress to their office.

Tomorrow night.........................ahhhhh snnnnnnnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzz

797 locks, 1103.5 miles, 33 Tunnels, 39 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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