Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Are we losing it?

Now moored at Bulls Bridge at Hayes

On Sunday British Summertime ended. Yeah we all know that, so on Sunday we set about putting back the clocks and watches. Later in the day we realised that we hadn't changed the weather station which has a built in clock and calendar. Well this is where we get confused, the clock was right and neither of us had changed it.


Now I know that computers are programmed to change automatically for British Summertime, but this is only a weather station. Bought cheaply last Christmas from a electronics store as a special and shop model as there were no instructions and packaging. Now between my son Brent and myself we managed to set it up and it is surprising how accurate it is. But what we didn't know or still don't really. Does it change automatically through radio waves?

Otherwise one of us is losing it! or both maybe!!!!

Looks like we are in for a frost overnight and we have to be up reasonably early tomorrow to continue our journey northwards. Forecast for the week is for a week of glorious autumn weather, aren't we lucky.

807 locks, 1108.5 miles, 33 Tunnels, 39 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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