Saturday, 16 February 2008

Cruising on.

0 locks, 9 miles and 1 swingbridge. Now moored at Hawkesbury Junction

Overcast and cool was the order of the day as we set off again at 10am this morning. We were not alone today as we passed 6 or 7 other boats heading south. At Stretton Stop Dot had to open the little swing bridge (footbridge) where the canal splits Rose Narrowboats yard. The chandlery and office on 1 side and the maintenance yard on the other. Other than this little interruption it was plain sailing all the way.

By the time we reached Ansty another load of washing had been done so we stopped for water and I took the opportunity to wash the roof as it was getting a bit grubby.

The only other stop was at Aldermans Green where there is an excellent fishing tackle shop right alongside the towpath. I needed a new reel and a few odds and ends so that I am now all set for another season. We will stay here at Hawkesbury Junction or Suttons stop as it used to be called for the week-end. Suttons stop came from the name of the first lock keeper employed here who along with his son looked after the lock and junction for 70 years between them. That's what you call devotion to duty which you would be hard pushed to find these days.

893 locks, 1228 miles, 36 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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