Saturday, 9 February 2008

Peace and tranquility.

Still moored at Hillmorton, Rugby

We have passed through Hillmorton many times and never stopped to have a look around. Well we have been missing out on a brilliant mooring location which combined with today's fine sunny weather made it seem like paradise. The village is very small with as many business premises as there are residential and only takes about 15 minutes to walk around the whole lot.

We walked up to the local boatyard and chandlery where we picked up a few things. The actual boatyard is tucked away at the end of a small arm not visible from the canal. The buildings on site are the original Oxford canal company offices and dry docks dating back from about 1830. The dry dock is unusual in that there are 2 docks which are interconnected. The first dock which is open to the elements holds 2 boats and is used for hull blacking, propeller/stern gear jobs and welding etc. The second runs off the end of the first and is inside a building. This one also holds 2 boats and is used for re-paints. As a re-paint generally takes 6 - 8 weeks the turn around through both docks is not too much of a hassle but does involve moving quite a few boats in the docks and in the arm which is generally full of  moored boats.


Alongside where we are moored is the outflow from the canal overflow sluice. There is a pond of about 15 -20 feet diameter flowing off into a little creek which in summer time probably dries up to a mere trickle. Having an adventurous streak in me I decided to get the fishing rod out and see if there was anything in the pond. I wasn't disappointed  as I pulled in a Chub of about 1 pound in weight which is now residing in the canal.

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