Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Spring Flowers abound.

0 locks, 2 miles. Now moored at Bosworth Wharf


As it was a nice fine morning we slipped our moorings and headed off to Bosworth. Along the way we passed a boat with 3 gentlemen aboard who were electronic fishing, it stuns the fish and they float to the surface. The fishermen then net them and release the good fish and keep the unwanted varieties such as Zander which is an introduced species that is causing havoc.The only other boats on the move were a hire boat and the BW work boat.


Upon arrival at Bosworth we watered up and while we were doing this a boat departed from the 48 hour moorings which we immediately filled. While the fine weather lasted we walked into the town which about a mile away and had a good look round and finding plenty of spring flowers putting some colour onto the landscape.


We had read about the Batter of Bosworth fish and chip shop and seen signs advertising "award winning fish & chips" so on the way home we called in for lunch and we were not disappointed, probably the best fish and chips we have had since being here in the UK.


894 locks, 1244½ miles, 36 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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Unknown said...

Hello both of you,

We have rented a canalboat from two weeks from now, and I was so hoping that the spring in England had begun, and I can see from your pictures that it has!

We too want to go canalboating in England when we retire (only 14 years to go), so we are a bit envious with you.

Bente (from Norway, where the winter still is on)