Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Ron Chippindale RIP.

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It was very early this morning that we woken by a text message from Dot's sister in New Zealand informing us that a dear friend of our's, Ron Chippindale, had been killed in an accident. During the morning we have received more information about his demise.

Ron was a very health and fitness orientated person and his first job of the day was his morning walk regardless of weather. Apparently he was heading home from his morning walk when a youth lost control of the car he was driving and drove across the footpath hitting Ron killing him instantly.

We first met Ron through the caravan club of which we were both members. He was always a perfect gentleman and had a great sense of humour. His favourite tipple was 100 Pipers whiskey and the standing joke was "How many pipers left Ron?" to which he would reply with a number of the approximate (pipers) liquid left. At this time he was the Chief Air Accident Investigator for New Zealand but even after his retirement his expertise was sought from all over the world.

Ron will be sadly missed not only by his family and friends but by many, many people worldwide.

Quote "Chippindale's death a huge loss

Transport Accident Commissioner Jefferies says Ron Chippindale had high standards and his death a huge loss.The death of Ron Chippindale is being described as a huge loss on both a personal and a public level.
The former chief inspector of air accidents was killed yesterday morning when he was struck by an out of control car while walking along the footpath in Whitford Brown Ave in the Wellington suburb of Porirua.
The 75-year-old was best known for his work investigating the aftermath of the Air New Zealand DC10 crash at Mt Erebus in Antarctica in 1979, but Transport Accident Investigation Chief Commissioner Bill Jefferies says Mr Chippindale had invaluable skills teaching maritime and rail investigators aviation investigation techniques. Mr Jefferies says Mr Chippindale was known for his consistently high standards and practical approach to everything he did.
Last year, Mr Chippindale was awarded a New Zealand Special Service Medal (Erebus)."

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