Friday, 22 February 2008

Grafting and Twitching

Still moored at Bridge 22 , Ashby Canal

The first job this morning was clean the glow plug on the Mikuni central heating unit as I had noticed that it was smoking on start up Not a problem, only a 5 minute job but when I went down the engine hole  I was greeted by a bilge full of oil AGAIN. Yes the gear box had divested itself of all its oil BUGGER! At least this time I was able to ascertain where it had come from. After a few phone calls I found an engineer who was familiar with PRM gearboxes but he is unable to do anything until Monday as his boss is away at the Boat, Caravan and Outdoor expo at the NEC. After explaining what I considered to be the problem he told me that there is an 'O' ring behind the gear lever and its renowned for leaking. I considered that it was too fiddly a job and I would be better getting a professional to do it.

As we had decided to stay here for another day to meet John & Elizabeth (another kiwi couple) on N/b Helen Louise tonight I decided to give Pete some more help once I had finished my chores. Between us we finished running out the 12 volt wiring, trimming the last of the insulation overspray and putting 10mm packing on the wall battens to save many, many more hours of trimming overspray, luckily the ceiling wasn't as bad as the walls for overspray so it only needed trimming.

Pete's wife Lisa called to pick up Pete at the end of the day and inspected our handy work and passed it as satisfactory , you know what these foremen are like, L.O.L. While chatting we told Lisa that we planned to visit the National Boat,Caravan & Outdoor show at the NEC at the week-end and she has kindly offered to take us there by car as recompense for my labour over the last 2 days. Thanks Lisa that will be great.

While I was slaving away Dot has been bird watching. She has 3 bird feeders hanging up in the hedgerow and she was rewarded by visits from a Green Finch, Long-tailed Tit and a Great Spotted Woodpecker who unfortunately decided to hide when the camera came out, but beautiful to look at.


A Kestrel sitting watching from above


Two long tailed tits with pink breasts unfortunately not showing in the picture

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