Thursday, 14 February 2008

Really unseasonal.

0 locks and 0 miles. Still moored at Brownsover Park, Rugby


While lying in bed waiting for the boat to warm up this morning we could hear a strange tickling noise. It turned out to be ice on the canal that was cracking as the boat moved. Needless to say we finished up with another cracker of a day.

Dot caught the bus into town to do some shopping and I walked down to Clifton Cruisers to pick up some wood plug's that they offered to cut for me. I had the right tool but not the necessary power tool to operate it so Paul cut them for me. He did say that before he could do the job he had to sharpen and reset the special drill bit  because it didn't have enough bite and was blunt, not good when it was brand new and virtually unused.

While chatting with Paul he told me that he had a booking for a hire boat in September from people on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. You never know we might bump into them some where on the cut. Paul also said that bookings were good so if there are any more Kiwi's out there thinking about booking a boat don't hang about, get on and book it. We can personally recommend Clifton Cruisers as they are a family run business who really look after their customers. The boat yard is easy to reach from London, a train from Euston to Rugby and then a number 2 bus from the station to the yard at Clifton. Easy peasy.

Getting back to my walk I decided to walk along the Oxford canal walk on the west side of the canal. This turned out to be a circuitous route that didn't actually follow the canal very far but turned out to be a pleasant walk all the same. I came across another couple of old dis-used railway bridges that are abundant in the Rugby area. The track finally bought me out at what used to be the Clifton upon Dunsmore old railway station where I had about a half mile walk to the boat yard. The return trip was a lot quicker straight back along the towpath.

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