Thursday, 26 June 2008

Are there any Kiwi's left in New Zealand??

Still moored at Crick.

This morning was an early start to enable us to catch the 7.53am bus to Rugby from the village. We had a 15 minute walk to the bus stop so we left the boat at 7.30am to ensure we were at the stop in plenty of time. While waiting for the bus a large 6 axle articulated truck (lorry) stopped alongside us and the driver who no speaka da english wanted directions to the local abattoir. Sorry pal we're only tourists around here.

We had to pay for the bus into Rugby, £5.20,  as it was outside the permitted times to use our bus passes but you win some, you lose some. Once in Rugby our first job was to walk down to Clifton Cruisers to pick up our mail. Paul must have seen us coming as he met us at the door with mail in hand, thanks Paul very much appreciated. While chatting he told us that he was having a good season with only 1 small boat available at present.

Rather than walk back up the hill which is a long drag to town we caught another bus where we were permitted to use our bus passes. As the bus picked up more passengers en route it became clear that this was what I cheekily called the benefit bus because not 1 passenger paid the driver, merely showed their pensioner bus passes as they entered and the bus finished up over half full.

Next stop was the doctors surgery for our six monthly check up and renewal of prescriptions. Another clear bill of health and it was off to the Mall to get our prescriptions from Boots while Dot had a much needed hair cut. After all this gallivanting town we were in need of some sustenance so it was off to BB's for lunch.

Back on the boat we were having a much needed cuppa when there was knock on the boat and we answered to find Graeme and Louise Pullar from N/b Faith. It turns out that they too are what they call "Kiwi's on the Cut" They spend 7 months of the year on their boat and 5 months back in NZ. Nice if you can do it.  During our chat they were commenting on the amount of Kiwi's they have met on the cut to which we added our list of NZ contacts and we were beginning to wonder if there are any Kiwi's left back in NZ because there seems to be a hell of a lot over here just on the cut, let alone land based. I hope the last Kiwi to leave remembers to turn the light's off. Hee hee, chuckle.

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